Why You Should Choose Magento For Your eCommerce Platform

Magento - E-commerce Platform

With the continuously increasing number of online customers over the earth, every company is expecting its own online store to sell their products and services.  

There are some extraordinary eCommerce business web development solutions available like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. There are some Leading Brands like Samsung, Ford, Nike, Nestle Nespresso who trust Magento.

Magento is assuredly easy to use, manageable, and tied with amazing default points, presenting it as a highly-preferred platform. 


Magento - E-commerce Platform
Why you should use Magento for your E-commerce Platform


Let’s have a look at the causes of why Magento e-commerce is a leader in the commerce industry.

  1. Open Source

    • One of the main causes, why Magento for e-commerce is the topmost choice for developers, correlates to the fact that it is open source.
    • It intends anyone who knows about the Magento development can use it for his/her benefit.
    • The Magento Community Edition (CE) is entirely free. You can simply install or use any version of Magento CE you want.
    • If you are an expert, you can stimulate the performance of your Magento online store and promote your e-commerce website with modern features and functionalities by developing or installing the Magento modules.
    • Magento experts can build and improve your Magento online store with the support of Magento modules. Via creating Magento modules for the online store, the developer can introduce additional features for a great look and feel.
  2. Ease of Integration

    • The Magento e-commerce platform supports easy integration of third-party methods or libraries. Magento comes with free integration of third-party components. Whether it is payment gateways, database applications, shipping extensions, or tracking extensions, it is quick and easy to integrate it with the Magento store. This gives more opportunities for customization and developing the finest possible store.
  3. Flexibility

    • Magento specialist is proposed with the versatility to develop unique user experiences.
    • In order to reach particular business requirements, one can also attach customized back-end workflows.
    • Magento lets you take control of interfaces and capabilities of the core solutions in your e-commerce business.
  4. By default Responsive

    • In the world where major of people choose to do online shopping is done on mobile. 
    • you might not want to miss out on delivering a consistent experience on all the devices.
    • Magento has HTML5 abilities which ensure a smooth and impeccable response of your shop to all mobile devices. 
    • A survey says-  79% of smartphone users have made shopping online using their mobile device in the last 6 months
    • Additionally, Magento offers features like Griding, AV capabilities, image scaling, gesture control, drag & drop, etc.
  5. SEO Friendly

    • A well- mannered SEO is an essential need for your business, and surprising, Magento comes with “Magento SEO” to take your worries about ranking on SERP.
    • Working with a trustworthy Magento e-commerce platform becomes as simple as ABC. 
    • The platform supports various SEO components such as sitemaps, URL rewrite, metadata to users to improve ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages.


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