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Retailers are constantly striving to strengthen their customer relationships, driving profitability and building competitive advantage. With the consumer expectations shifting towards omnichannel retail, enterprises need to step up and bring their ‘A’ game to engage their customers.

Ideamaker InfoTech has leveraged its decade of experience and created a Social Mobile Analytics & Cloud (SMAC) platform to address business problems faced by small or large retail stores. We help retail chains reduce cost and optimize their business performance with our SMAC platform focusing on cloud and mobile technologies to eliminate operational, strategic and financial challenges.


With such an abundance of new collaboration-based technology solutions available, the time is NOW for educational institutions to better incorporate technology as a key ingredient towards improved student achievement and better financial management.

At Ideamaker InfoTech we have the knowledge, insight and expertise to assess the needs of your institution. We will help you better map out your strategy for the achievement of your business and technology goals – including a futuristic class and curriculum management tool, transparency of funds, university and school process management.


The banking and finance industry is one of the most competitive and critical industries for the economy. In this competitive field, a company relies heavily on its information systems and technologies – making it imperative to invest in acquiring, upgrading and maintaining data, systems and infrastructure.

At Ideamaker InfoTech, we pride ourselves on delivering robust software solutions to help financial institutions achieve operational success without breaking the bank – pun intended. Ideamaker InfoTech brings to the table its established product engineering to help companies.


President Obama’s impetus on changing healthcare in the US has provided a much-needed push towards making healthcare technology effective, but compliant. As global progress toward the adoption of the electronic health record (EHR) quickens, solutions such as workflow management, document imaging, secure e-mail, electronic data interchange and enterprise resource planning are driving new forms of innovation.

That’s where we come in.

Ideamaker InfoTech offers effective healthcare solutions in the form of custom Web-based applications that will reduce costs and enhance productivity. We focus on EHR and shared services solutions that deliver immediate and measurable value. We also manage non-core, yet critical, administrative functions on behalf of clients, allowing organizations to focus on what matters most.


Enterprises over the globe have been impacted by the digital revolution that has taken the business world by storm. To stay competitive in this changing environment, it’s become imperative for organizations to evolve their business processes and adapt to newer technologies like SMAC- Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud. Businesses across industries ranging from startups to Fortune 100 understand the tremendous business value digitization brings to their enterprise.

Ideamaker InfoTech helps organizations transform their traditional enterprises to SMAC enabled digital enterprises by integrating the right cloud-based application and custom application development. Our decade of experience in digital technologies helps companies address business problems and derive innovative solutions to achieve maximum ROI.


At Ideamaker InfoTech we understand that a streamlined model for the supply chain is fundamental to gaining a competitive edge. That is why we offer a comprehensive and synchronized suite of supply chain software solutions intended to help companies better manage their supply chains – which, now, are more often than not driven by global demand.

We are able to consult with and provide customers software for monitoring, planning, order management (worldwide), supply chain analytics, transportation, warehouse and distribution management, and more.


We offer an end-to-end automotive eCommerce solution including VIN-based search, user-friendly shopping cart etc. Our eCommerce solution provides the right blend of features which make management of your business becomes much simpler, faster and smarter. Based on our research, we have found below features which help in interaction, engagement, and loyalty of your brand lovers.


Fashion retailers are not locked into rigid “cookie-cutter” design templates – they are a unique statement of your style. Our fashion eCommerce solution provides the right blend of features which represent your brand personality. Based on our research on online fashion shoppers, we have found the below features which help in interaction, engagement, and loyalty of your brand lovers.

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